This story broke our hearts. Our goal was to help writer Peter DeMarco tell the story of his wife’s tragic death in the cleanest, clearest way possible. We went very light on graphics and did no special effects, instead letting the photos, graphics, audio, and videos tell the story without interruption.

The digital version was designed, produced, and copy edited by the incomparable Stacey Myers. I was the Design Director for the digital version; I also did the explainers in illustrator to walk readers through how this horrible tragedy happened; this map demonstrated the heartbreaking distance and time errors in this story. For Globe Magazine we used the above version, while the digital version integrated time elements with text to walk readers through step by step.

This project was the ONA 2019 winner in the medium newsroom, feature category. The judges wrote, “…the entire story was delivered with striking, heartfelt prose and deft visuals, delivering almost as powerful an impact as the story itself,” and, “Detailed graphics showing poorly constructed entrances and pathways into the hospital parking areas.”

This story won an ONA award in 2019; the graphics were specifically cited as one reason why.

The best way to experience the project is by exploring it on the Globe site (I was the creative director on the digital presentation as well). If you hit the firewall, keep reading here for screen shots of the maps as they appeared.